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The development trend of digital signage
Time:2018-11-22 13:41:44
The digital signage industry has developed in 2009. As the industry matures, the current needs of customers have evolved from the unclear past to the present. What customers need is products and technologies that deliver immediate value. At the same time, for those improved investment users, the certainty of the application of new technology is more sensitive. It is no longer a groping application in the past. Under such circumstances, the system maintenance cost, which was not a very popular concept in the past, has now received the attention of users. Being able to minimize the cost of the system is an urgent expectation for every company. After all, this is a problem that is more closely related to its interests.
The cost is now more than just a one-time payment cost. A large part of it is reflected in the maintenance cost of the later system, including the settings in the system operation, the manpower and material resources for maintenance, and the maintenance after system damage. Cost and so on. Reducing the cost of this part will greatly reduce the cost of the entire Digital Signage system. For example, the networked playback device that is now being introduced is designed to reduce the maintenance cost of the system.
Digital Signage (Digital Signage) playback equipment must go open and stable "the golden mean"
After years of development, digital signage playback equipment is no longer a simple "labor computer". Although industrial control products meet the needs of miniaturization, industrial computers based on single-chip microcomputers, embedded architectures, and SOC system-on-chip cannot meet the needs of diverse "open" applications.
Of course, the stability of industrial computer is unquestionable. But this stability is built on a very closed system. A product only runs a single function, the software is fully cured, does not involve complex application requirements and use environment, naturally easy to achieve a high degree of stability. However, this product is not entirely suitable for complex industrial applications of the Digital Signage system.
Tony Global Marketing Director Tony pointed out that the application and system of industrial control products are generally solidified on the hardware, and the cost of implementing many functions and deploying new functions is very high. In particular, software for different functions is completely incompatible, making it impossible to perform in commercial and family applications.
And the application of Digital Signage just makes its playback equipment must be highly open and developable, and the traditional industrial computer can not meet its application needs. The playback environment and working intensity of the Digital Signage player make it necessary to have a high degree of stability. This demanding requirement requires digital signage playback devices to be both open and stable.
But as we all know, fish and bear's paw are often not available. At the same time, it is technically very difficult to meet extremely high openness and stability. What digital signage playback devices have to do now is to find a balance between openness and stability. According to the different needs of various industries, different playback devices should be configured. Take an open and stable "moderation of the mean."
It is not difficult to see that the development of digital signage technology is actually based on the principle of serving customers, whether it is to make the best use of it or reduce maintenance costs. It is the best effort to maximize the customer's interests. Only when the customer is satisfied, the digital signage will have a market and there will be tomorrow. Therefore, for the development of technology in 2009 and even in the future, we can summarize the four words - people-oriented.

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