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Guangsai has always adhered to the "people-oriented" philosophy and regards people as the most valuable asset for enterprise development. Guangsai's talent team is built on three points: one is to serve the company's long-term strategy, the other is to serve the company's sustainable development of innovation, and the third is to serve the employees' professional growth. We respect every employee and are committed to creating a mechanism of fair competition, self-motivation, self-discipline and promotion of talents to stand out from the selection, education, use and retention mechanism, maximizing the potential of human resources and promoting the growth of enterprises and employees. ,Develop together.

Employing the principle: both ability and political integrity, morality first, fair competition, performance


Core quality:

Integrity: We require employees to seek truth from facts, based on objectiveness, based on the system, not affected by personal interests, likes and dislikes, and abide by their duties;

Dedication: We hope that employees can recognize their job responsibilities, devote themselves to their work, act voluntarily and consciously to perform their duties, and take responsibility, have a sense of mission, and pay attention to the development of their careers;

Efficiency: We hope that every individual and team can complete their work efficiently. Only in this way can the company maintain its strong competitiveness and be thriving;

Innovation: We advocate that employees have a strong sense of innovation and constantly set challenging goals, not only product innovation, but also service innovation and creative problem solving;

Cooperation: We encourage employees to take the initiative to undertake the relationship between different positions, cross-responsibility, or take the initiative to fill the gap when others are absent, effectively coordinate, share each other's experience and skills, and work with team members to achieve the goal.

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